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Customize your servers

Good news for all content creators, Hypixel, the studio that is developing Hytale, has announced that game will be fully customizable!

You will have the opportunity to offer your players quality servers, all different from each other, giving free rein to your creative.

As a reminder, Hytale is a multi-player sandbox game like Minecraft. The game will offer great freedom to developers and players. Hypixel has already announced some features for its servers:

  • construction with blocks
  • exploring new worlds
  • worlds will be procedurally generated
  • role play
  • mini games

A lot of tools for content creators

Many tools will be dedicated to creators, to facilitate:

  • block construction
  • the scripting of plugins & addons
  • custom models
  • the creation of films
  • the creation of mini-games

Release date

No release date has been announced by the creators of Hytale.

But you can already register yourself for the future beta version !